The Tomar Jats- History

Estate:- Jaipur-Mokimpur-Chitta- Jatpura

Dynasty:- Tanwar (Tomar) Jats

The branch of tomar(Toor) jats ,which lives in Jalalpur belongs to main  family of Pisawa state . Here the Tomar jats had their own estate of surrounding villages and constructed inns, lakes, temples for the welfare of their subjects.

In revolt of 1857 they joined the revolutionaries with their military forces and fought very bravely against Britishers . But at end the Indian forces couldn’t defeat the British forces . As a result of their great patriotism and exemplary courage British authorities took away their estate .

After the revolt Thakur Shiv Singh went to his matrimonial home of mukimpur and stayed there for some time with Thakur Rupam Singh. Here he had three sons- Narayan Singh, Khushi Ram Singh, Tara Singh. 

Kunwar Narayan Singh was employed as inspector in police department of state. Later on he inherited the estate of Mukimpur and reconstructed his ancestreal haveli . He had three sons – Karan Singh, Hukum Singh, Shyam Singh. 

Kunwar Karan Singh went on to become superintendent of police with a title of Rao Bahadur . Kunwar Hukum Singh reached the rank of Deputy Collector. The road going to Daranagar is named after him ,also known as Hukum Singh Marg.

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