Bulandshahr Legacy Festival

Untold histories of Bulandshahr

Bulandshahr legacy festival 2022-23

BLF 2022

Bulandshahr Legacy Festival was launched in the November of 2022 with the support of Department of Tourism, Uttar Pradesh and as a culmination of the ground research and collaborations with fellow organisations. ‘Bulandshahr Legacy’ is a journey that re-appropriates the natural and built history of a Tier B town in Uttar Pradesh through community participation and citizen action.  Present-day Bulandshahr is a city in India, about two hours’ drive south-west of New Delhi, just outside Greater Noida…


Know the City All cities take time to build and have many stories to discover. Humans. Architecture. Culture. Heritage. Nature. Environment

Collaborated Projects

Collaborations for the ‘Bulandshahr Legacy’ project BULANDSHAHR HERITAGE CONSERVATION INITIATIVE (BCHI)  with Centre for Heritage Conservation (CHC). Directed Research Projects and site schools are underway. Center for Heritage Conservation (CHC), CRDF has been recognised as one of the Expert Heritage Bodies by the National Monuments Authority, Ministry of Culture, Government of India. The Kala Chaupal Trust is proud to be in memorandum of understanding with Department of Tourism, Uttar Pradesh to collaboratively works on Arts, Culture, Heritage and…

Upper Ganges Wetland Biodiversity Maps

‘BULANDSHAHR LEGACY’ (www.kalachaupal.org) is an NGO led people action project to protect the natural and built heritage of a Tier B town. Bulandshahr is a district in Uttar Pradesh India and plays host to the Upper Ganges Ramsar site which also spills into the neighbouring districts. We are joined in our efforts by students from Jindal School of Art and Architecture, Sonepat (https://jgu.edu.in/jsaa/) and Shiv Nadar University, Noida (https://shssci.snu.edu.in/). We would like to gratefully acknowledge our partners…

Alexander Cunningham & Excavation of Coins

Alexander Cunningham came to India in 1833, at the tender age of 19, under the East India Company as an army engineer. His life is characterized under two parts, his army life and what he was better known for – Director of Indian Archeological Survey. The history of Cunningham’s exploits into archeology and excavation of coins that Bulandshahr is known for – has a complex and layered history. James Prinsep’s (in charge of Calcutta mint) interest in…


The Bulandshahr Doab region is rich when it comes to fauna. Historically, the Ganga-Yamuna region was densely forested, and the thick forest


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