Family Genealogies

It traces the roots of the families mentioned in Bulandshahr’s history by finding their documentation and/or interviewing the current family members to chronologically encapsulate the historical data of the current population.

An Introduction to Family Genealogy

Everyone does family history nowadays. Genealogy used to belong only to the wealthy; once upon a time only they owned a past and laid claim to a history based on land and property. Now everyone who can use a computer or go to a local records office has a stake in the past. – Alison … More

Jats: The legacy of the warrior race

It is said that in a Jat village, it is nearly impossible to find a single-family that does not have at least one member serving in the armed forces. Since the colonial era, the Jat community has been designated as a “martial race” and to date constitutes a large percentage of the Indian Army. There … More