Collaborated Projects

Collaborations for the ‘Bulandshahr Legacy’ project BULANDSHAHR HERITAGE CONSERVATION INITIATIVE (BCHI)  with Centre for Heritage Conservation (CHC). Directed Research Projects and site schools are underway. Center for Heritage Conservation (CHC), CRDF has been recognised as one of the Expert Heritage Bodies by the National Monuments Authority, Ministry of Culture, Government of… Continue reading Collaborated Projects

Frederic Salmon Growse: The Man that built Bulandshahr in the 19th Century

During his stay, as he sought to realize a vision both playful and Mughal-like, he reconstructed the market square, built a Bathing Ghat on the river bank, laid out a public garden and tank, and began constructing a new Town Hall; in the outlying municipality of Khurja, the district’s commercial center, he built a new marketplace and bazaar.

Biodiversity and the Built Environment

Therefore, it becomes evident that there exists a tripartite relationship between the biodiversity of the region, the technological infrastructure, and the history of the region which are inextricably embedded in the nuanced legacy of Bulandshahr.


The Bulandshahr Doab region is rich when it comes to fauna. Historically, the Ganga-Yamuna region was densely forested, and the thick forest cover was scarcely interrupted by pockets of villages and settlements. According to historical texts and records wild elephants, buffalos, bison, rhinoceroses, lions, and tigers were hunted here. This… Continue reading Fauna


The alluvial soil of the region has allowed for a wide variety of flora at Bulandshahr. Interestingly, the plants of this region are imbued with cultural meaning and are often of great social and historical importance. Take for example the Babul tree. Also known as the Acacia nilotica, the Babul… Continue reading Flora

Arts and Crafts

It promotes the rich heritage of the local craftsmanship and aims to encourage a business model to conserve the local arts and crafts and profit the artisans and the local economy of the place.


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