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Bulandshahr Legacy Festival

Untold histories of Bulandshahr

Bulandshahr legacy festival 2022-23

Bulandshahr Legacy Festival was launched in the November of 2022 with the support of Department of Tourism, Uttar Pradesh and as a culmination of the ground research and collaborations with fellow organisations.

Team Kaala Jal (Bulandshahr Legacy Fest): Sushant Pandey , Tanmay Sarkar , Siddharth Khurana , Neelima Sharma , Deepak Bhatt , Abhay Singh Raghuvanshi , Akhand

‘Bulandshahr Legacy’ is a journey that re-appropriates the natural and built history of a Tier B town in Uttar Pradesh through community participation and citizen action. 

Present-day Bulandshahr is a city in India, about two hours’ drive south-west of New Delhi, just outside Greater Noida on the road to Aligarh. The district bearing the same name is bound by the two mighty rivers of North India – on the west is the Yamuna, while on the east runs the Ganges. It falls under the administrative division of Meerut, in the state of Uttar Pradesh, and is part of the National Capital Region. The River Kali Nadi runs south-easterly through Bulandshahr city.

Being close to Delhi, the predominant seat of power in the Indian subcontinent, it typically followed the rise and fall of powerful emperors and dynasties. Bulandshahr thus has a long but lost history. Terracotta, Khurja pottery, ironsmith and carpentry are the local arts and crafts. 

As aforesaid, the geographical location of Bulandshahr marks it as a city that has witnessed a remarkable architectural evolution. The city draws significance from etymological accounts of the term “Bulandshahr” from the times of Mahabharat with the Fort of Baran to infrastructure constructed during British India. Hence, Bulandshahr entails a diverse range of buildings not solely in terms of their architectural styles but also with the relevance they draw from different eras and switch in history. The documentation and preservation will help to not only sustain some buildings but also restore identity and therefore also a culture of tourism in many forms of its nature be it for scholars, researchers, foreign and domestic visitors, eco-tourism, and definitely heritage tourism. 

There is rich diversity of flora and fauna found in Bulandshahr. The various human interventions have deteriorated the environment resulting in endangering and extinction of many rare species found here. The aim is to bring the environmental issues to the notice for finding sustainable measures of these problems.

Bulandshahr has made immense contributions in the area of arts, crafts, culture and vernacular literature and is home to the famous 600 year old Khurja Pottery.

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Frederic Salmon Growse:

The Man that built Bulandshahr in the 19th Century

The ‘Bulandshahr Legacy’ Project is presented in collaboration with the following esteemed institutions and their faculty and students

The Kala Chaupal Trust is proud to be in a memorandum of understanding with the Department of Tourism to contribute projects in Uttar Pradesh with ‘Bulandshahr Legacy’ being a path breaking project in showcasing the richness and contribution of Tier B town’s people, built/natural heritage and arts and culture.

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