It concentrates on the rich diversity of flora and fauna found in Bulandshahr. The various human interventions have deteriorated the environment resulting in endangering and extinction of many rare species found here. The aim is to bring the environmental issues to the notice for finding sustainable measures of these problems. View the maps


The alluvial soil of the region has allowed for a wide variety of flora at Bulandshahr. Interestingly, the plants of this region are imbued with cultural meaning and are often of great social and historical importance. Take for example the Babul tree. Also known as the Acacia nilotica, the Babul tree is an important riverineContinue reading “Flora”


The Bulandshahr Doab region is rich when it comes to fauna. Historically, the Ganga-Yamuna region was densely forested, and the thick forest


Author Credit: Srabondeya Haldar

This is Srabondeya Haldar, a third-year History student of Shiv Nadar University currently pursuing a minor in Sociology.

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